Level 1 Pistol Class

The Level 1 Pistol Class is designed for the person who has never shot a handgun or has very limited training in the proper handling of a handgun. This course will also benefit a person who may have years of shooting experience but may not have learned proper basic fundamentals or techniques. This course serves as a building block for all other pistol courses we teach.

Benefits of this Course – What You will Learn

  • How to handle firearms safely (Cardinal rules of firearms safety)

  • Brief overview of the types of handguns (Single Action, Double Action, Striker Fired, etc.)

  • Brief overview of the types of handgun ammunition (Hollow Point vs. Ball. Training vs. Self defense ammunition)

  • Choosing your perfect handgun

  • Fundamentals of marksmanship (Grip, stance, sights)

  • Proper cleaning techniques


Equipment Requirements:

  • Pistol (Rentals available)

  • Eye and ear protection (Available for purchase or rent)

  • 100 rounds of ammunition (Available for purchase)



Class Size: 2-16

Course Length: Approximately 3-4 hours and includes classroom instruction and range time.

Class Fee is $85.00: if you bring your own handgun and ammunition

Class Fee is $140.00: If you want to use our handguns and we provide you with 100 rounds of ammunition


Students must wear close-toed shoes (sneakers, boots, and etc.)  We also recommend that you bring a brimmed cap and not wear a low-cut top. These items are for your safety.