Level 2 Pistol Class

The Level 2 Pistol Class is designed to move the shooter beyond basic pistol fundamentals and into the world of defensive pistol shooting. Students will start to learn techniques that will help them win a gunfight.

Benefits of this Course – What You will Learn

  • How to handle firearms safely (Cardinal rules of firearms safety)

  • Understand the differences between basic pistol fundamentals and defensive pistol shooting

  • Defensive Isosceles stance

  • Three phases of the weapons draw

  • Defensive pistol sights and trigger control

  • Emergency reloads, tactical reloads, and magazine exchanges

  • Clearing primary and secondary malfunctions

  • Understand tactical awareness

Equipment Requirements:

  • Personal Defensive-Style Pistol

  • 150 rounds of ammunition (Available for purchase)

  • Minimum of three magazines or speed loaders

  • Eye and ear protection (Available for purchase or rent)

  • Good quality outside-the-waistband holster

  • Good quality magazine pouch


Class Size: 2-16

Course Length: Approximately 3-4 hours and includes classroom instruction and range time.

Class Fee is $110.00: if you bring your own handgun and ammunition.

Students must wear close-toed shoes (sneakers, boots, and etc.)  We also recommend that you bring a brimmed cap and not wear a low-cut top. These items are for your safety.