NRA Certified Range Safety Officers Course

Instructor B P Gluck NRA#143872354 USCCA #617419-6787  

This NRA course is designed to prepare individuals who possess basic firearms knowledge to run a live fire range, indoor and outdoor ranges are covered. Upon completion of this course students will become NRA certified range safety officers. Certified range safety officers are required for all Boy Scouts of America shooting events, NRA sanctioned shooting competitions and events, as well as many other shooting events and practically every commercial shooting range and gun club. Every student will learn how to properly take control of firearms on the firing line, how to identify stoppages and malfunctions, and how to properly clear them.

Student Materials:

  • Range safety officer packet with RSO course book and test.
  • Must be an NRA member to receive certification
  • 9 hours of instruction 

Course Outline:

  • The role of a range safety officer
  • The purpose of standard operating procedures
  • Range layouts and limits
  • Range inspection
  • Range rules
  • How to conduct a range safety briefing
  • Firearm stoppages and malfunctions
  • How to properly control a shooter on the firing line.
  • 1st aid overview

Cost: $125.00 class size up to 20 persons

Help your local range or gun club by becoming a range safety officer, you can help other shooters enjoy shooting safety and responsibly, while reducing insurance costs to your club or range!

Students must wear close-toed shoes (sneakers, boots, and etc.)  And we recommend that you bring a brimmed cap and not wear a low cut top. These items are for safety of our students.